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Ilium Linguistics

Mar Muñoz Lorente

Linguist specialised in medical and creative translations

Mar Muñoz Lorente
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About me

Hi there! My name is Mar and I’m a professional translator working from English and French into European Spanish, my mother tongue.

I have a degree in Translation and Interpreting from the University of Alicante and I’ve lived and worked in Scotland and France. I decided to make the leap as a full-time freelancer in 2022 after gaining in-house experience in the translation and language learning industry.

Why the name Ilium Linguistics?

I’ve always been fascinated by words with several meanings, and ilium is one of them. Firstly, it’s the Latin word for Ilion or Troy, where the epic Greek poem The Illiad takes place. It’s also another name for the iliac bone –the largest bone of the hip. The name unifies my passion for literature and humanities; my first translations were from Latin and Greek, and healthcare translation is one of my main specialisations.


How can I help you?

Medical translation icon

Medical translation

I am experienced in translating

  • Abstracts
  • Clinical trial protocols
  • Informed consent forms (ICFs) and patient information sheets (PIS)
  • Instruction manuals for medical devices
  • Patient information leaflets and more

My medical translation specialisms are certified by the University of Salamanca, the University of Granada’s training provider Trágora Formación and the renowned translation provider AulaSIC. My specialist areas for medical translation are:

  • Immunology
  • Dentristry
  • Neonatology
  • Menstrual & Hormonal Health
Editorial translation icon

Editorial translation

I offer editorial translation for essays, poetry, theatre and scripts, with a particular interest in narrative. I am able to translate different genres, for example a young adult novel as well as a thriller.

In terms of translating training materials, I’ve previously translated logbooks related to caregiving and home health.

Marketing translation icon

Marketing translation

When translating marketing and business content, cultural and linguistic adaptation is crucial to connect with the target audience.

My experience includes translating SEA (Search Engine Advertising), web content for corporates and brochures for trade fairs. Additionally, I’ve had training in SEO translation and multilingual keyword research.

Subtitling icon


My subtitling services encompass audio transcription, spotting, translation and correction.

I work with specialist subtitling software including VisualSubSync, SubtitleEdit and Aegisub. I’m also familiar with Subtitle Workshop, VirtualDub and Adobe Filmmaker.

Linguistic and quality assurance icon

Linguistic and quality assurance

I can help you secure high-quality Spanish content by proofreading or copyediting your texts to make your product more attractive to a Spanish target audience. That way, you won’t miss any nuances between cultures nor any avoidable punctuation and grammar errors. I implement comprehensive QA (quality assurance) processes to prevent quality failures in final translations.

I work with Microsoft Word, Google Docs or more advanced programs such as Xodo, Acrobat and Xbench. I am also experienced in specialist translation software, known as CAT tools, such as SDL Trados 2022.

Inclusive translation icon

Inclusive translation

Nowadays, institutions and companies aim to use more inclusive language in an effort to acknowledge the presence of discriminated groups without being biased or patronising.

I have a profound awareness and understanding of gender perspective and LGBT+ inclusivity in translation. I will treat your text with special care and focus on the use of direct and indirect non-binary language if needed.

Mar Muñoz Lorente
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Why should you hire me?

I’m fully committed to my work

I work with specialsit translation software – known as CAT tools – such as SDL Trados 2022, Transit, Smartling, OmegaT and Wordfast.

Aditionally, I’m a profesional member of ASETRAD, the Spanish translation association andI follow their code of ethics. I’m also a pre-associate of ACE Traductores (Autonomous Section of Editorial Translators of the Spanish Writers’ Association).



Meeting deadlines

Specialist research skills


Blue hand

Ilium Linguistics

Every translation is unique which is why I assess every project before offering you a specific quote or rate.

Who have I worked with?

Universo Alternativo Publishing House logo

Universo Alternativo Publishing House

Translation of the novel Keep It Steady by Jessica Mary Best from US English into Spanish



Translations of product descriptions about cycling, surfing, hunting, fishing and sportswear from French into Spanish

arte.tv logo

Arte TV

Subtitles revision, validation and proofreading for the European Collection from French into Spanish



Translation of film reviews and interviews with European filmmakers from English into Spanish